We breed very infrequently, and only when we plan on adding a new addition to our gang. The pups are born and raised in the house, where they have their own puppy room, close to the action but yet very private. As they grow and develop, they are socialized and introduced to situations and environments (trip to the vet, crates, house training, clicker conditioning, etc) that are age appropriate. They also get lots of supervised outdoor activity, plenty of exercise and stimulation as they grow. They will be introduced to wings and also the water if the weather permits.
 All of our dogs that we breed have hip, elbow, heart (OFA), eye (CERF/OFA) and thyroid (MSU)clearances. They also must have a true Golden temperament! In addition, they will have AKC conformation championships and/or upper level working or performance titles.
Our puppies are  only sold on a limited registration  with a spay/neuter contract.
We currently don’t have any planned litters, we are busy training, trialing and traveling this year! We suggest you contact your local Golden Retriever club or the GRCA for breeder referral.
For lots of good information about Goldens, visit www.grca.org